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The World Series of Birding in Cape May!

After the record-breaking cold temperatures this winter had to offer, who isn’t ready for the warmth of summer? The weather isn’t only affecting the human population, but as the days grow longer and the sun brighter, animals are making their way back to their summer homes as well. Months of hibernation and miles of migration are finally coming to an end and we’re all anticipating what the warmer weather will bring.

Hundreds of bird varieties are known to stop along the beaches and throughout the wilderness of Cape May as they make their way back north. This is exactly the reason Cape May is such a hot spot for birding experts as they prepare for the 31st Annual World Series of Birding, which will take place on Sunday May 11. Although the event occurs across the entire state of New Jersey, Cape May provides for a major portion of the bird sightings.  More than 100 teams will take part in this year’s 31st Annual World Series of Birding.  Participating teams will have 24 hours to count and identify as many species of birds as they possibly can. All levels of “birders” are welcome to join in the fun. 

Not a birding expert? You don’t have to be in order to appreciate the nature of Cape May. The fresh water marshes and ponds, ever-changing sand dunes, and forested islands, which can be viewed among the nature trails at the Cape May Lighthouse, provide a beautiful landscape. Swans gracefully drift among the current, leading their young in search for nesting areas and food. Hawks take flight overhead, using the wind patterns to their advantage as they glide through the air; and ospreys nose dive hundreds of feet in a matter of seconds as they catch a glimpse of their dinner swimming through the glassy waters. If you’re lucky, you may even get to see a family of otters warming themselves in the sun or playing around in the fresh water.

The Cape May Lighthouse, built in 1859, continues to operate today and is available for exploration.  Climb the 199 steps to see Cape May like you’ve never seen it before. From the top, the view extends from Cape MayCity and Wildwood to Cape May Point.  For only $7.00 per adult and $3.00 per child between the ages of 3-12, it’s an inexpensive adventure for the whole family.

After a long day of exploration, there’s nothing better than a meal, a drink and kicking off your shoes and preparing for an evening of relaxation. Enjoy what the Montreal Beach Resort has to offer in regards to your comfort, and spend the evening with family discussing your unique experiences. Make a Montreal Moment to remember and end the day with a smile on your face.

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