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Fitness and Yoga in Cape May

Cape May hotel with yoga classes

Enjoy yoga right here at The Montreal Beach Resort

What better way to prepare for the upcoming summer months and maintain a strong mental and physical well-being throughout the season, than to get fit right on the beaches of Cape May?  Vacation is a time to relax and release stress that has built up from your hectic day-to-day life.  Break the monotony and try something new while you ‘vacay’ in Cape May this summer.  Yoga on the Beach incorporates the already developed ancient Indian method of unifying the mind, body, and universal spirit, with the calm of Cape May and its serene beaches. 

Who Needs Reality When You Have The Montreal Beach Resort in Cape May?

Spend a night or 2 with us at the Montreal Beach Resort and escape the every day routine. A yoga workout offers a series of stretches that release tension, enhance posture and flexibility, regulate breathing and provide other physical health benefits such as body relaxation through meditation.  While the exercise itself clears the mind and enhances self-awareness, combining the exercise methods of yoga with a beach setting provides a natural calm over the body.  The sound of the ocean and feel of the soft sand beneath your blanket help melt your stress twice as fast. This unique experience offers tranquilizing memories that you can look back on any time life starts getting hectic. Judy Heany and her professionally-trained instructors at Balance Pilates & Yoga Studio, teach yoga classes in her Cape May yoga studio and atThe Montreal beach Resort Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:30am on the 4th floor deck.   She guides her students through a unique workout modified to satisfy each individual student’s personal journey.  To keep the class interesting, Judy offers weekly classes in different locations around Cape May beaches.   With a great morning yoga session, you can feel good about some of your other (perhaps less healthful) vacation indulgences. 

Bring your beach towel and get ready to work out. 

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More Exercise Options in Cape May

The Montreal Beach Resort is situated right on the beach.  Just open the door of your room, take a deep breath of fresh ocean air, then a soul-soothing walk on our soft-sand beaches. A walk on the water's edge will surely turn up an assortment of lovely shells and maybe even a Cape May Diamond.


There are plenty of other options for releasing stress and partaking in local outdoor activities.  A leisurely walk on the foot trails throughout Cape May’s wildlife reserve is sure to get the blood moving, get fresh air into your lungs, and allows for some truly beautiful scenery. Visitors can choose from four trails to explore.  The Promenade, which runs about two miles long, stands parallel to the beach and some refer to it as the “boardwalk,” although it is paved not made from wooden boards.   The Promenade offers unique scenes of ocean life and allows for beautiful views of the Cape May beaches while walking, running, or bicycling along the route.  Cyclists are permitted to ride their bikes along the route before 10 am.   To add a little variety to your workout, move from the paved concrete walkway and run or walk directly across the beach sand.


After your leisurely stroll, grueling run, or scenic bike ride, refresh yourself and grab a bite to eat at Harry’s Ocean Bar and Grille right here at the Montreal Beach Resort. Whatever it is you enjoy that helps eliminate stress from your life, Cape May is sure to have it. With the beautiful scenery that presents itself around every corner, there is plenty of opportunity to make your Montreal Moment.  So, come down to Cape May this summer, de-stress yourself, release some anxiety, and stay for a while.

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