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What's Happening in Cape May Easter Weekend?

Finally!...after a grueling winter the last of the snows have melted, the temperatures are rising and lovers of the pristine beauty of pre-season Cape May are quietly trickling in.

Because the "season" hasn't really started yet we could appreciate the beauty of Cape May. If you are a bird watcher it doesn't get much better than here. (Tripadvisor)

Nothing soothes the soul like the sounds of the ocean on a quiet day.
The Montreal Beach Resort is Open for the 2014 Season

Join those among the Cape May faithful and take in the crisp freshness of the Spring breeze, the sounds of nature, the salty air and calm pre-season serenity. There’s not a better place on the beach to do it than right here at Montreal Beach Resort.

Take a walk or just sit quiet for a while and clear your mind while you listen to the waves break and the gulls sing. There’s something magical about it that’ll revive you.

Formerly Known As The Montreal Inn

Formerly known as The Montreal Inn since 1966, we’ve decided to tweak the name just a bit to reflect the true nature of the kind of destination we have come to be… a complete New Jersey Shore Beach Resort.

From our newly-renovated rooms to a new website makeover, we are dedicated to being your favorite Cape May destination for ANOTHER 50 YEARS.

Lots to do in Cape May

Stop by the Montreal Beach Resort even if you’re just in Cape May for the day even if it’s just to have a bite to eat, coffee or a cocktail, or to get some ideas of what’s going on in the area. There’s lots to do close by such as visit the Cape May Lighthouse or visit the Emlen Physick Estate. Tours are available every day. Our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to help you find a place or activity to suit you.

While you’re here, you’ll want to learn more about the 2014 Cape May Exit Zero Jazz Festival which takes place May 30th to June 1st. You may consider booking tickets and room reservations while you’re here. It’s going to be a great time. More details here.

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