COVID-19 Update: Cape May Resort Reopened.

We’re so excited our Cape May resort reopened as of today, June 1, in accordance with Cape May COVID-19 regulations! The impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented. The virus changed many things for us all. Rest assured the wellbeing of our guests remains paramount.

Please take a moment to read about what we’re doing to keep you safe and healthy at the Montreal Beach Resort this summer.

Excited to get back to the pool and beach?! So are we! Here’s how beach-it in COVID-19 style, thanks to some tips from USA Today and the CDC.


Items to bring to the Cape May Beach:

  • Facemask
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes
  • A towel
  • Your own beach toys and swimming gear


Keep your distance.

It’s the key to minimize transmission. While in the water, remember to keep six feet from anyone you’re not quarantining with, just as you would in any other public space. Parents, consider whether your children can or will stay 6 feet away from people they don’t live with. If not, other fun summer activities may be a better fit.


Wash your hands and cover your cough.

No surprise here. Cover those coughs. As always, it’s important to cover your coughs and keep your hands germ-free. Don’t forget your hand sanitizer!


Wear your facemask but not in the water.

It’s essential to wear a mask in places where physical distancing is difficult, but it’s not necessary – or recommended – to wear your mask in the water. Keep it nearby and put it back on once you’re through swimming, but don’t dive in with it!


Wipe down frequently touched surfaces.

Our pool and beach club staff will regularly wipe down high-touched surfaces but it’s never a bad idea to carry some disinfectant spray or wipes with you. The virus doesn’t live long in water, especially swimming pool water that has been treated with chlorine, but it can remain on surfaces poolside, so error on the side of caution.


Don’t share goggles or other gear.

It’s difficult to clean and disinfect pool gear such as goggles and snorkels, so try to limit sharing even among individuals from the same family. You can always bring your own towel, too, along with using disinfectant wipes on pool furniture.

While we all must adapt to these unexpected challenges, we take comfort in knowing one thing never changes: Montreal Beach Resort’s commitment to providing you and your family the best level of hospitality and service. We hope you’ll visit us this summer and enjoy all that Monreal Beach Resort has to offer.

The Montreal Beach Club

Montreal Beach Resort Photo of Atlantic Ocean

Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean at Montreat Beach Resort. Our beach club offers exclusive access to the shore in Cape May with well-appointed private cabanas, complimentary chaise lounges and umbrellas, plus on-beach food service from Harry’s Ocean Bar & Grille.

Oceanfront Outdoor Pool

View of Montreal Beach Resort with oceanfront pool.

Relax and rejuvenate at our oceanfront pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Our seaside pool area is equipped with lounge chairs and umbrellas. Here, you can lay back, soak in the sun, and enjoy delicious food and cocktails from Harry’s!

Harry’s Ocean Bar & Grille

Cape May's finest restaurant, Harry's exterior.

Our onsite restaurant, Harry’s Ocean Bar & Grille, serves modern cuisine with a nod to local tradition. It’s a favorite for visitors and locals alike. Currently open for takeout and delivery, Harry’s is pleased to offer new special food and cocktail menus with favorites like clam chowder and southwestern shrimp cobb salad, plus new dishes like Harry’s spicy chicken sandwich. Interested in Harry’s signature cocktail, the Orange Crush? No problem. Order a drink kit to make in your room!

We’re so happy our Cape May resort reopened and look forward to welcoming you this summer. We also wish you and your family happiness and good health. Visit our Accommodations page for booking details. See you soon!

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