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Weather in Cape May on Memorial Day Weekend, 2014

Memorial Day weekend weather in Cape May is perfect. It just doesn't get any better at this time of year.

Temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's. Nothing but clear skies and sunshine in the forecast.  Come enjoy the paradise but don't forget to give thanks to our men & women in uniform and for those who gave their lives in service to our country.

Don't miss The Cape May Bunker at Cape May Point.  Still standing, it's 7' thick walls and ominous appearance is a stark reminder of America's preparation efforts in WW II even though the fighting never reached our shores.  This, or on the beach in front of the wreck of the SS Atlantus, the concrete ship which once carried American soliders home from fighting overseas after WW I is an ideal place to give solemn reflection in memorial of our veterans still here and gone.

While you're here in Cape May, drop by for lunch, dinner or a drink at Harry's Ocean Bar & Grille located right on the beach at Madison Avenue.  

After you're refreshed, take a tour of the Montreal Beach Resort and learn about all our amenities.  You may want to book your summer vacation now as vacancy will only become more limited with each passing day!

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Sunday May 25