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Montreal Beach Resort

The Wine Cellar

Complete Selection of Beers-Wines & Liquors

Cape May’s Only Beachfront Liquor Store and Wine Shop!

Cape May’s only oceanfront liquor store is right here at the Montreal Beach Resort. Browse an incredible selection of wines from not only Cape May County, but around the world. The Wine Cellar also features Cape May’s best selection of domestic, imported and craft beers, as well as a wide array of your favorite liquors and spirits.

Since opening its door, The Wine Cellar has been Cape May’s superior choice for wine and spirits. Staffed by friendly and knowledgeable employees, The Wine Cellar prides itself in supplying delightful and tempting libations.

The Wine Cellar offers the classics along with an ever-changing landscape of new products, specials and recommendations. Whether you are planning a large party or an intimate dinner, our staff is here to help you choose the perfect beverages for your event. We can also place special orders for any of those hard-to-find items that you may have in mind.


Come and Enjoy

  • Cape May’s Best Selection of Wines
  • Domestic, Imported and Craft Beers
  • Liquors, Aperitifs, Cordials and Spirits
  • Chips, Pretzels and Snacks
  • Essential Beach Supplies Including Sunblock, Tanning Lotion Beach Towels and Coolers
  • Cigars and Tobacco
  • ATM on Premises
  • Ice
  • Customized Beverage Packages Available for Weddings and Other Special Events