Old Man Winter sure is delivering another doozy this season.  Seems like the heater doesn’t stop running. But we know all you die hards, the Cape May faithful are checking your calendars for the first opportunity to take your first visit down here in 2015.

Don’t forget, Cape May isn’t the typical ghost town most of the Jersey shore turns into in winter.  There’s plenty of stuff going on right now, especially for lovers of art, design and architecture.

All throughout the winter until mid-June, Cape May is hosting their Celebrating Holidays version of the Designer Show House. The featured property, The Ocean Victorian, hosts guided an unguided tours in the house where local designers from all over the area have used their creativity and imagination to remodel a dozen rooms of the house displaying their favorite holiday.  The house, located at 25 Ocean St in the historical district, offers incredible views of the ocean and other areas of the town.  With your ticket to tour the home, you are also included in various dining packages with popular restaurants around Cape May, so you can enjoy some of the local restaurants the town has to offer.

The Carroll Gallery at the Physick Estate transforms into a new themed exhibit every few months.  Coming off of its Winter Wonderland theme, the exhibit is now celebrating the 20th anniversary for the Center for Community Arts in Cape May.  The Carroll Gallery will have photos, videos, and displays from its 20 year history.  It will feature things like art and music, children’s arts and culture programs, FranklinStreetSchool, and many more.  These exhibits are always above and beyond, and are truly something to see.  Admission is free, so while you’re in Cape May, you can check out the exhibit.  The 20 year anniversary exhibit lasts until mid-April, until a new theme begins right after.

While other towns close the shutters and hunker down until Memorial Day, Cape May remains a destination for culture, food and fun.

The Montreal Beach Resort telephone and online reservations desk is open too.  So get out the calendar and schedule your summer vacation or a spingtime getaway.  The property reopens for the 2015 season April 10th. Why wait until peak-season to take your first deep breath of the salt-air, gaze at the ocean, listen to  waves breaking on the beach?  It’s never too soon or too late to experience YOUR Monreal Moment.

Can’t wait to see you.

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