Harry and Sophie, an immigrant couple from Poland in search of a better life after World War II arrive in Philadelphia. Hard work intersects with opportunity. They buy a corner property on the beach in Cape May. It would have been a spectacular place for a family to build a home…but it ended up a tradition for 1000’s of families from around the world! 

A Beachfront Location in Cape May, New Jersey

After becoming established as a skillful carpenter, Harry and Sophie Hirsch began to build a life in a solid neighborhood in Philadelphia. Through a series of events, Harry aquired some land in rural New Jersey and started a chicken farm. The sales of eggs an poultry routed him from town to town. One of those towns was Cape May.

Harry and Sophie became very fond of Cape May and determined to build a home here. Unbeknownst to them, the beachfront lot they had negotiated on was zoned commercial. They could not build their new home on it!

If Harry and Sophie Hirsch were anything, they were dreamers…BIG PICTURE dreamers. They came to America with a dream. Unable to speak a word of English at the time, but at this time, hard work, backed by by perseverance and fueled by their dreams, they determined to take this property and this opportunity and create something special.

The Montreal Inn Was Born in 1965. It’s Our 50th Birthday!

It started as a 27-room motel but the increasing popularity of Cape May as a resort town fueled expansion. The little motel grew into a hotel. A 3rd floor was added, then a 4th floor.

Year after year, the building grows and improves as do the quantity and quality of the amenities.

The Montreal Beach Resort Offers Spectacular Ocean Views

A restaurant, a pool, a beach club, bars and an on-premises wine & liquor store all make this former “motel” a full-fledged resort hotel. The Montreal Inn changed its name to The Montreal Beach Resort in 2014.

The Hirsch family is now 3 generations deep into the ownership and management. The tradition of building relationships with 1000’s of patrons from around the world is paramount the the resort’s success.  We’re deeply grateful to those who come to experience their Montreal Moment year after year. See you in Cape May!

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