In just one month we’ll open our doors for the summer 2019 season. That’s right! It’s hard to believe but winter has come and gone and we’re ready to have some fun. Join us beginning April 5th for a glorious Cape May vacation!

It may seem a little early for a Cape May vacation, but we don’t believe that true. First of all, Cape May is beautiful all year long – there’s never a bad time to visit. Secondly, vacations are good for you. Studies show that people who vacation are generally happier and more productive in their day-to-day lives. Still on the fence? Here’s why you need a vacation this spring.


Vacations are big stress reducers.

Studies show that man who don’t take extended breaks from work are more likely to have heart attacks than men who do – 30% more likely. The same rule applies to women. Women who don’t vacation are 50% more likely to experience a cardiac event.


Things like stress, sleeplessness, and even headaches can be alleviated with a simple vacation.

It’s true, but – this is Important – a haphazardly planned vacation can lead to more stress and exhaustion. So, make sure to plan accordingly and take of everything you need to before you leave. That way you can be fully present and get the most out of the time you set aside to relax.


Vacations increase productivity big time.

Again, studies show that vacations increase productivity at work and in other areas. We often pretend our mental resources can’t be depleted, but that’s just not true. Every now and again we have to step away and recharge. The New York Times conducted a study that found “for each additional 10 hours of vacation employees took, their year-end performance ratings from supervisors (on a scale of one to five) improved by 8 percent.” That’s significant. So, don’t tell yourself your work, or anything else, will suffer if you take a break. The reverse is likely true.


Vacations spur creativity.

Vacations are like a reset for the mind. When our minds are rest, we tend to feel more energized, clear-thinking and creative. According to experts, we’re wired to recharge. So, taking breaks every now and again is why many people get their best ideas away from their desks, monotony and routine. Take a vacation, have a new experience, and open your mind to the wonders around you.


Vacations improve family life.

Approximately 43 percent of American works set aside less than 20 hours a week for family time. That’s not a lot. But, of those surveyed, the families who took time off to spend together were happier and more content than those who didn’t.

You don’t have to plan an extravagant getaway to spend a little extra time enjoying the people you love. Sometimes the best vacations are a short trip away. Use your imagination.


Vacations near the beach make you happier.

This is a big one. Who doesn’t want to be happier?!? At certain times all of us could use a little pick me up. Water calms us and connects to those around us. It gives us clarity. Remember that in mind when you book your next trip!


The Montreal Beach Resort is a seasonal destination on the Jersey Shore in Cape May. Open April through December, we’ve got everything you need to plan an unforgettable Cape May vacation that’s perfect for you and your loved ones.

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