Cape May offers a variety of activities for visitors and crowds of all kinds. Singles, couples, families and friends experience a world of entertainment, fun, culture, relaxation and amazing food and shopping in this town It’s also the perfect spot for lovers of the morning. For meditative or excerise walks, cycling or scouring the beach, there are numerous activities to enjoy in the early hours in Cape May.

One of the best aspects of staying next to the beach is witnessing nature in its finest, uninterrupted state. From most  of the rooms at The Montreal Beach Resort you don’t even have to go outside to experience the beauty of the sunrise over the ocean. To get added benefit from the morning sun, venture outside to soak in the crisp and cool morning environment. Breathe the fresh sea air, listen to waves breaking on the shore. What better way to start the day…any time of year?

Overnight, the sea always sweeps in some interesting treasure. Collecting dazzling sea shells is a fun activity visitors of all ages enjoy. The Cape May Diamond is one of the special treasures of the area. Unlike their name suggests, they are not actually diamonds but quartz pebbles. When cut and polished, these special stones often resemble actual diamonds. You can take your own sifter and bucket to go combing for the celebrated trinkets, or you can purchase various souvenirs made with them from shops around town.

Go for a peaceful or romantic morning stroll along the beach with less company than that in the afternoon or evening. Take your shoes off and feel the sand between your toes, and allow the sounds of crashing morning waves to soothe you from the inside out. If you want a more active morning, you can use the beauty of the beach as your backdrop for a morning jog along the shore. Rent a bicycle, and go for a couple’s ride around the area. You’ll also be likely to find a yoga class taking place somewhere along the beach, so you can prepare yourself for a peaceful day.

Cape May has a lot to experience at all times of the year, day and night. For your next vacation or brief getaway, plan a trip to Cape May.  Stop by The Montreal Beach Resort. We would love to show you around. Find out why so many come from all over to experience their “Montreal Moment” year after year.

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