We’re thrilled to announce that this weekend we gave the proceeds from our annual event, Montreal Beach Resort Dog Dip Day at the Pool, to Animal Outreach of Cape May County. We’re so happy to support the animals and staff at this fabulous organization. 

Please consider adding Animal Outreach of Cape May Country to your list of charitable organizations to give to this year. As winter approaches, it’s even more important to address animal homelessness. Giving Tuesday falls on November 30. 


More About Animal Outreach of Cape May 

Animal Outreach of Cape May County is dedicated to helping local animals in need.   

Their mission is to provide shelter, care and love for unwanted, abused and/or abandoned animals of Cape May County. Animal Outreach strongly endorses spay and neutering programs and is committed to helping educate our community in responsible pet ownership. They are a “no kill” organization and their adoption program has helped to greatly reduce the numbers of homeless animals in the county. They encourage cooperation between municipal and private shelters to coordinate efforts to eliminate the tragedy of animal homelessness. 

dark brown kitten with check from MBR

There are many ways to support Animal Outreach of Cape May County. You can donate on their website, come to Dog Dip Day at the Pool at Monreal Beach Resort, start a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser, or volunteer your time. Call (609-898-1738) to explore even more ways to help. 

Adoptable animals can be found on the Animal Outreach of Cape May County Petfinder page 

Are you a visitor to Cape May? Interested in helping animals in your own community? There are many ways to do that. Start by contacting your local animal shelter. You may also Google search animal rescue organizations in your hometown and surrounding area. Most organizations welcome volunteers and depend on donations to support their daily operations.  

There is a great need for the services of Animal Outreach of Cape May County and other animal rescues across the country. Many are small operations with big hearts and bigger plans. With the community behind them, they are well on their way to reaching their goals. We hope you can help them this year!  

Montreal Beach Resort will close its doors for winter 2021 after the first weekend in December. We’re so thankful to all our fabulous guests for their continued support. Stay tuned for seasonal updates and details about the Spring 2022 summer season in Cape May. It will be here sooner than you think! 


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