There are only two counties in the entire nation that have the honor of being awarded the title of “Coast Guard Community” and Cape May County is one of them. It’s certainly an honor to be the home of this valuable American institution which protects our shores and comes to the rescue when needed.

The Cape May Coast Guard Festival is for Everyone to Enjoy

The Cape May Coast Guard Festival is such a joyous occasion for the entire community. Occurring on the Mother’s day weekend, this 3 day festival will focus on the community thanking the Coast Guard for the wonderful work they do. The personnel and families of the Coast guard will be present to be celebrated and deservingly honored. Join in…these folks don’t often get the visibility or recognition of our great nation’s other military branches.

The U.S. Coast Guard is the only military organization within the Department of Homeland Security. Since 1790 the Coast Guard has safeguarded our Nation’s maritime interests and environment around the world.

The festival begins with a Proclamation ceremony and is open to the public. After the proclamation ceremony, a celebratory dinner will be hosted at  the coast Guard Training Center. On the next day, the community festival will begin in full zest and fervor with ship, base, and harbor tours. There will also be barbeque, search and rescue demos, live music from amazing musicians, displays, exhibits and an evening event of a movie and a mixer.

After this, there will be a walking tour at the Training Center and visitors will be able to explore the base via trolley tours. Live music will be available for this activity as well. There’s a lot for the kids to see and learn too.

Additionally, there are historical and cultural exhibits, NPO exhibits and special displays by the Coast Guard itself.

Cape May Brewery will be making the event even more special by hosting a barbecue and serving their  one-of-a kind brew. At noon, visitors can enjoy a tour of the Cape May Harbor. The evening will end with a movie on the beach.
On the final day, Mother’s Day will be celebrated, and further fun activities – like maritime interactive displays, vessel displays from the Coast Guard, ferry tours, historic exhibits, and personnel honors.  Floral displays, on-site painting events, beer on tap from Cape May brewery, marine exhibits and various other fun events for children are also available for later.

The Montreal Beach Resort, is proud to support the Coast Guard and we express our gratitude for the work great work they do.

If you have never stayed at The Montreal Beach Resort, we invite you to come take a tour our our beachfront hotel, have a refreshment at our poolside bar or a meal at our ocean view restaurant, Harry’s Ocean Bar & Grill.  See you in Cape May!

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