As America’s oldest seaside resort, there’s an encyclopedia or interesting facts to share. So share we will.

This cape town was originally settled by whalers back on the colonial days of the early 1600’s. Prior to that, the peninsula we now call Cape May was inhabited by the Kechemeche Indians of the Lenni-Lenape tribe.

By the late 1600’s English colonists from Connecticut and Massachusetts had further developed the fishing whaling industry and introduced farming to the area.

In the mid 1700’s Cape May was already becoming recognized as a destination for relaxation. Advertisements in Philadelphia papers  spawned a trail for horsedrawn buggies carrying folks allured by the promise of the beautiful coast and bountiful seafood.

So make sure you shoe your horse well, get a sack of oats for the road ready for your journey this spring. There’s plenty of room at the Inn but do make a reservation!

The Montreal Beach Resort reopens April 10th.  It takes approximately 3 days by horse & buggy from Philadelphia so set out around the 6th or 7th but if you’re driving one of those horseless carriages, just give yourself a couple hours.

See you in Cape May!

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