Did you know that our Cape May hotel website now includes an online store? We’ve got everything you need to make a day at the Cape May beach perfect.

A Good Read

Nothing beats sitting on the beach with a good book. ‘A Cape May Story’ , our fun coffee table book, highlights our family-friendly vacation resort’s 50th anniversary. It is filled with historical facts and nostalgic photos, beautifully written by Cape May resident and author Diane Stopyra,‘

It captures the memories that we all share at the Montreal Beach Resort, and it showcases hotel founders Harry and Sophie Hirsch.The reader is given a glimpse into the life of Harry and Sophie as they start a new life in America after narrowly surviving the Holocaust; how they worked to put food on the table while keeping their eyes firmly on their American dream; and how they wound up on the shores of Cape May in 1966, to become the founders of what is today the Montreal Beach Resort.Thebook is available for $24.95.

A Vessel for Morning and After-Beach Brew

Before hitting the beach, fill our Montreal mug with your favorite java or tea. After the beach, fill it with your favorite “other” brew or refreshing beverage. The MBR Ceramic Mug is just $6.95.

Beach Essentials

How about a generously sized beach towel to dry off after splashing around in the Cape May Ocean? We’ve got you covered with our Plush MBR Towel, adorned with our 50th anniversary logo! ($19.95) The towel goes hand in hand with our MBR Towel Clip ($3.49) which will prevent your towel or other light-weight belongings from blowing around or away on those breezy beach days.

And if you’re tired of sandy bottles and cans, try our nifty MBR Beach Nik ($3.99)! Just stick it in the sand and set your drink inside to keep your next sip from ‘crunching’ with sand grains. We all love the sand —we just don’t want to drink it!

Come discover your Montreal Moment and share some of ours during our 50th birthday at The Montreal Beach Resort!

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