The pristine beaches of Cape May are more than just a sandy oasis for rest and relaxation. What can be found on these beaches, if patient enough to find, provides countless hours of entertainment for beachcombers and stone collectors.

Beachfront Hotel in Cape May-The Montreal Beach Resort-Just footsteps from the beach

The allure of the Cape May Diamond is what keeps locals and vacationers alike, on the hunt for the sparkling crystals.  The smooth, clear stones known as Cape May Diamonds are actually quartz crystal. These rocks have been thrown around by the surf and scrubbed spotless by the constantly moving sandy ocean bottom until they become the beautifully shaped stones they are today. It takes thousands of years for the process to complete, resulting in the magnificent faux diamond Cape May dwellers so fondly enjoy.  It doesn’t matter if one’s search for the stone stemmed from a simple hobby as a child, or from a deeper appreciation for the tradition, they are loved nonetheless.

Special Memories, 1000 Years in the Making

Each time you hold one of the perfectly shaped stones in your hand, consider the time it took in order for it to become what you now have. When viewed from this perspective, you are literally holding a piece of history. These beautiful stones make great souvenirs as well as impressive decorations for the home. Each one is a conversation piece, as you can re-live the story of your Cape May vacation and enjoy a little piece of local history.  Those who stay with us call it, “Their Montreal Moment”.

Depending on the day, beachcombers may find the beaches generously full of Cape May Diamonds.   A cold windy day is usually the ideal day to find the precious stones kicked up on shore.  If the hunt isn’t exactly your cup of tea, check out what the gift shops have to offer for a variety of cuts and styles of the stone.  Included among the different trends are facet cut Cape May Diamonds.  Because of the clarity of the quartz, they deceivingly look like real diamonds. These beautiful jewelry collections are unique to the Cape May area.

Walk The Beach or Just Sit and Relax

There’s always the option to just relax on our warm sand and let the sun soak into your skin and our on-beach service attend to your every need.  Surrounded by the soft sounds of the ocean, the call of seagulls, and the occasional speedboat or jet ski, there’s nothing more relaxing than time spent on the beach. The Montreal Beach Resort is the perfect beachfront hotel to stay while you comb the sandy shores or just sit back and relax in the sun, sand, and surf. Memorialize your Montreal Moment with a souvenir that has history and beauty, the Cape May Diamond.

Book a room for a night, a weekend or a full week in Cape May at the famous beachfront hotel and resort, The Montreal Beach Resort.

Image credit to Maria Kovacs

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