If you’re staying in Cape May and you want to go to the beach, but the forecast is grim, you don’t have to hide in your hotel room for your entire trip.  There are plenty of great amenities at The Montreal Beach Resort.

First, the rooms are so comfortable you won’t mind hanging the hotel if the weather isn’t cooperating. You can get in a little workout in our fitness center, have some beers or cocktails while you watch a ball game or some golf at the bar.   Enjoy appetizers or a meal at Harry’s, our on-site restaurant.

Another advantage you’ll have is being able to grab a bottle of wine from The Wine Cellar, our on-site liquor and convenience store, sit back, pour a glass and enjoy the ocean view from the comfort of your room.

More To Do in Cape May in Poor Weather

Cape May has lots of great beach alternatives—if you know where to find them. Here are some of the area’s best non-beach activities:

1.      Visit the free zoo. Yes, Cape May has a free zoo. And this zoo is one of the situations in which you don’t get what you pay for. Despite being completely free to explore, this zoo is actually very nice, with lots of animals too look at and interactive exhibits. This zoo is open every single day, except for Christmas, so no matter what time of the year you are visiting, you can always have a fun animal adventure. This zoo always has lots of great activities going on, including World Giraffe Day, coming up in a few days, and Night Out with the Critters. Even if you miss these events, they always have something great going on.

 2.      Fun shopping. If the beach is too stormy or cold to be fun, you might want to swing your car in the other direction and head out for a little shopping. Cape May has some of the best little boutiques and shops near the beach—making them within walking distance of (or at the very least, a short drive from) The Montreal Beach Resort.

 3.      Check out a local museum. The worthwhile museums in the area could be a list of their own, but here are a few of the local favorites. The Cape May Firemen’s Museum is always fun and is a great option for kids who are fascinated by the red engines and sirens. Cape May Model Trains is another stop that is ideal for kids, with plenty to see and do. The Colonial House is an interesting walk-through, as is Historic Cold Spring Village and the Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum.

 4. Boutique Food & Drink

There are wineries and breweries close by which give taste-testing tours and unique gourmet food boutiques, famous for breads, peanut butter, candy and more.

5. Go to the Theater

Cape May has talent-galore!  The East Lynne Theater Company and The Cape May Stage

The list doesn’t end there. Cape May is chockfull of great activities. While most of our guests do come for the beach, if the beach’s weather isn’t cooperating, don’t forget to check out one of the other awesome things to do in Cape May.

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