Some people say that vacations are a luxury, not a necessity. At Montreal Beach Resort, we don’t believe that’s true. With the stress of everyday life, we can all use a break from time to time. If you’ve been on the fence about taking a vacation, you’ll want to read these reasons why it’s so important. Then, visit Montreal Beach Resort to plan your summer vacation.

Taking Vacations Can Reduce Stress and Keep You Healthy

Research suggests that men who don’t take vacations are 30 percent more likely to have heart attacks than those who do. Women who don’t take vacations are 50 percent more likely to have heart attacks than women who do.

Taking a vacation can reduce things like stress, sleeplessness, fatigue, and headaches. But, and this is an important, a poorly planned vacation can leave you more stressed and exhausted than you started. Plan thoroughly. Make sure to take care of everything you need to so you can fully relax and unwind while you’re away.

Vacations Make You More Productive

Studies show that vacations actually make you more productive at work and in other areas of your life. As much as we like to pretend otherwise, mental resources are finite. Once in a while, you have to step away and replenish those resources. According to the New York Times, an internal study by the accounting firm Ernst & Young found that “for each additional 10 hours of vacation employees took, their year-end performance ratings from supervisors (on a scale of one to five) improved by 8 percent.”

Vacations encourage creativity

Vacations provide time for a much need refresh and recharge. They’re like a reset for your brain cells. According to experts, we’re wired to recharge every now and again and not go too long without breaks. That’s why many people get their best ideas when they’re away from work and the monotony of routine.

Vacations Are Good for Your Personal Life

According to one survey, 43 percent of American workers dedicate less than twenty hours a week to family time. But the majority of the households surveyed who take time off to spend with family are happier than those who don’t. And, you don’t have to go to some faraway land or plan an extravagant adventure to getaway. Sometimes the best vacation spots are just around the corner, especially if you live in New Jersey, wink wink.

Vacations near the beach make you happier 

Seriously, It’s true! Water calms us, connects us to the world, and gives us clarity. Keep that in mind when you book your next trip! 

Choose the Montreal Beach Resort for your next vacation. We have everything you need to relax, recharge and reset.e

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