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The Montreal Beach Resort has your latest in Cape May news, upcoming events, and fun at the hotel. Our hotel is located just steps from the sandy beaches and refreshing waters of Cape May, New Jersey. The Montreal Beach Resort has well-appointed hotel room accommodations, Harry’s Ocean Bar & Grille and a spectacular oceanfront pool. It comes as no surprise that people are always talking about the Montreal Beach Resort.

There are always many exciting activities in Cape May. Read our articles below for information about Cape May, and our beachfront hotel.

Family Activities in Cape May

If you are looking for something fun but out of the ordinary, consider taking a trip back in time. Among things to do in Cape May, visiting Historic Cold Spring Village is a fun, educational and unique experience.

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July 4 Weekend-2015 In Cape May

Looking for a great time July 4th weekend? Find out why so many families make Cape May a tradition. It’s all here! And the Montreal Beach Resort is right in the middle of it with food, fireworks and entertainment for the whole family.

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The Place to Stay in Cape May

It’s getting a bit hard for us to be humble these days. Ya know, with all this praise and recognition. Having been awarded, just a week or so ago with

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Golf in The Cape May Area

When people think about the Jersey shore, they don’t often associate it with great golf. However, if you’re a golf enthusiast or just a duffer, there are some beautiful and challenging golf courses all within minutes of The Montreal Beach Resort.

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Mother’s Day in Cape May, 2015

This year, Mother’s Day weekend coincides with the 3-day Cape May Coastguard Festival and the 36th Annual Great Cape May Footrace. These only add to the wealth of choices of what to do here this time of year. By now, all the

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Cape May Coast Guard Festival, 2015

The Montreal Beach Resort, is a proud supporter the Cape May County Coast Guard Festival this Mother’s Day weekend. There’s so much to see and do (and eat and drink) and all civilians should honor this great and vital branch of the American Military.

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What’s Happening in May in Cape May (2015)

Now that the Montreal Beach is up and running for the 50th season, it’s time to focus on another Red Letter Day; the uncorking of Harry’s Oceanfront Bar & Grill for the season on May 9, 2015. We’re unveiling new renovations and updates to our beachfront restaurant just in time for Mother’s Day weekend.

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Cape May Hotel Packages, 2015

Looking for the best spot on the Cape May beach? Look no further because it’s right here at the Montreal Beach Resort. Why do we call it a resort? Lots of reasons:

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Cape May and Another Landmark in Time

Cape May, New Jersey is abundant with landmarks. From the lighthouse to the victorian-style buildings, to a World War I concrete ship resting on the sand 150 feet off the beach. We’re now celebrating a landmark in time…the 50th season of the acclaimed Montreal Beach Resort.

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What’s Happening in March in Cape May (2015)

Spring is in the air and here in Cape May, New Jersey, the spring thaw is under way. It’s been a cold, wet & snow winter (except here in sunny Cape May, of course) but we seem to have turned the corner.

Here’s what’s going on in March…

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Cape May Springtime Getaway

Announcing our 2015 Grand Opening Welcome for the weekend starting Friday, April 10th. The whole property has been renewed and refreshed during the winter and we’re so excited to welcome you back to kick off another great season.

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Cape May History- The 1800’s

News spread about this newly discovered pristine coastal getaway called Cape May, New Jersey. The elite class from cities like Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington began swarming here. In 1834 there were 6 boarding houses in town. Not long after…

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